We are two Sydney based photographers who moved from Germany to Australia some years ago. Our footpaths crossed through the amazing coincidences life sometimes has to offer.

As we spent a big bunch of our recent time with our own young children we are very experienced in getting natural, expressive shots of children and their families as well as portraits of people and celebrations.




I have discovered my passion for photography a long time ago. During my studies of photography and film I was very fortunate working with lots of different photographers in the industry.

I love photographing kids as they are in all their motions, fun and true character. My two sons are my favourite in-house models. When I photograph I try to let things evolve, placing people or subjects in their natural environment and see where it goes. I also find my inspirations through my other life-long passion 'travel', exploring the beauty of this world, getting to know locals whilst capturing a genuine moment of their life. 



In the last decade I have spent a lot of time taking photos of my favourite subject - little people.

Besides that I have always been very passionate about collecting precious moments through photographs. Life goes fast and I find a real pleasure in pausing and remembering those captured seconds telling so many stories which might have been forgotten if not taken as a photograph.